Stay-in-Place Concrete Wall System for Easy Construction in Any Climate

CONFORM® is a revolutionary stay-in-place concrete wall forming system that promotes easy construction in all types of climate. The rigid polymer forms easily slide together, creating durable pre-finished walls that can be constructed quickly saving you time and money. The panels are erected and poured with concrete leaving a finished wall that requires no additional painting, stucco or additional cladding.

This industry-leading product is manufactured by Nuform Building Technologies Inc. (NUFORM®), a company known for its innovative solutions serving the construction industry for over 20 years. CONFORM’s patented polymer-based formwork for concrete walls offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction assemblies such as precast, tilt-up and concrete block walls.


CONFORM® is a patented polymer-based stay-in-place formwork for concrete walls. The extruded components slide and interconnect together to create a concrete formwork. The result is permanent, attractive, and pre-finished concrete walls that can be easily constructed in any climate. CONFORM provides flexibility of design, whether you are building a home or a large industrial complex. CONFORM requires no painting, and resists ultraviolet radiation. Furthermore, CONFORM is highly durable, virtually maintenance free, impervious to weather, and extremely energy efficient. CONFORM is also environmentally friendly as the polymer components are recyclable, energy efficient, and non-toxic.

Put it all together, and you can see that CONFORM offers complete design flexibility and an innovative building product that is easy to maintain, friendly to the environment, and built to last. Whether you are a developer, contractor, architect, engineer, or designer you can find attractive and cost effective solutions for your next project with CONFORM.

• Solid Concrete Construction
• Quick On-Site Assembly
• Proven Cost Savings
• Unparalleled Energy Efficiency
• Easy to Maintain
• Rodent/Pest Resistant
• Long-Term Durability: Will not rust, corrode, flake, peel or rot! Resistant to extreme weather conditions and can be designed to handle earthquake and hurricane conditions
• Superior Indoor Air Quality: Mold and mildew resistant

A cost-efficient alternative to conventional construction assemblies such as insulated panel, precast, tilt-up and concrete block walls.

Prepared to order and assembled on site, the modular components facilitate rapid construction and can include built-in insulation, service raceways and rough openings. Thanks to CONFORM’s innovative and lightweight design, labor and finishing costs are greatly reduced. Additional savings come from reduced construction schedules, earlier occupancy, energy efficiencies and maintenance-free environments.

Once CONFORM® is assembled, concrete is poured and the finished walls are ready for immediate use. The system also fits a variety of conventional roof structures, windows and door systems. Available in a range of sizes, this patented concrete finished wall system provides reliable, fast track construction that will last a lifetime. Whatever size or type of building, from the simplest structure to the most complex architectural design, CONFORM is the perfect choice.